Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to common questions about Daisy, a new generative UI tool.

What is Daisy?

Daisy is a generative user interface system powered by AI. It efficiently produces React code, compatible with TypeScript and Tailwind CSS, available for seamless integration into various projects through a simple copy-and-paste.

How does Daisy work?

Daisy employs advanced AI models to generate code based on straightforward text prompts.

Upon submitting your prompt, Daisy crafts an AI-generated user interface aligned with your instructions.

You have the flexibility to either copy and paste the generated code or further refine it by utilizing the 'Add Prompt' feature. This iterative process allows you to tailor the interface to your specific needs before incorporating it into your project.

How much does Daisy cost?

In its current closed beta stage, Daisy is offered free of charge. However, as additional features are introduced, certain functionalities will be exclusive to paid users, with availability varying across different tiers. For detailed information on pricing, please refer to our pricing page.

What data was Daisy trained on?

Under the hood, Daisy is currently making use of a fine-tuned Open AI model. No user data or code was/is or will be used to train, improve, or fine tune the models used by Daisy.

Will my generations be used for training?

No, but your generations may be reviewed by our AI team as we seek to improve the product.

Although this feature is not currently available, we are actively planning to allow our AI team to assess and review your generated content to enhance our system in the future. We will also provide the option to opt out of this process if you choose to do so.

Can I access my data?

While not currently supported, we intend to implement the ability for users to download their usage data in the future.

Does Daisy work with my own design system or component library?

At the moment, Daisy generates generic and reusable code that's designed for ease of integration and customization. Currently, we are looking at adding the option to allow you to customize the underlying Tailwind CSS theme, so that the components Daisy generates comply with it. We also want to make it easier to customize the outputs and substitute the design system.

What React components can Daisy generate?

Daisy can emit any type of React component.

Is v0 useful without React?

As we continue developing Daisy towards general availability, we plan to introduce support for other UI libraries, including but not limited to Svelte, Vue, or plain HTML. We also plan to expand beyond frontend code, making Daisy capable of producing code for the backend, too!

Can Daisy generate data fetching code?

While in Beta, Daisy is focused on frontend code generation. As we continue to build Daisy and prepare for general availability, we will explore adding support for data fetching code.

Can I see a history of all my generations?

Certainly, you can access your generation history of each component. For quick access, visit your profile page and click on the specific generation you wish to access.

Can we request deletion of data?

Yes, you can request data deletion by contacting us.

Can I use output from Daisy for commercial uses?

Absolutely. You retain ownership of the output generated by Daisy and are responsible for complying with Daisy's Terms related to commercial use.

What else can Daisy do?

Daisy provides a valuable testing framework for every generated user interface, streamlining the testing process for project teams. Additionally, it offers the option to generate documentation for the code, facilitating seamless collaboration among team members on a project.

Who built Daisy?

Daisy was developed by the development team behind In Plain English.

Last updated: January 25, 2024